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S4 Andarine Capsules

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Andarine, which is also known as S-4 Andarine or S-40538 is a SARM that is widely used to treat muscle wastage as well as osteoporosis, which is a medical condition in which the bones become weak and brittle. Andarine was first developed by Kaken Pharmaceuticals, a Japanese pharmaceutical company that looked at S-4 Andarine capsules as a treatment for muscle wastage, and severe bone weakness termed as osteoporosis, which largely affects elders and post-menopausal women. It is also used as a treatment for involuntary weight loss in people suffering from illnesses such as cachexia and for maintaining prostate health as well. Please take doctor prescription before taking dosage.

Other Names: S4, S-4, S 4, Andarine

Total Amount of the Active Ingredient: 1500 mg

Concentration: 25 mg per capsule

Quantity: 60 capsules

Shelf Life: 36 months

Packaging: Bottle

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